University websites and services


As the first employee (Graduate Assistant) with a background in HCI and usability at the Instructional Media Center of Missouri Western State University, my job is to introduce and institutionalize usability and user centered design practices across a range of academic computing services primarily offered to the faculty, students or staff of MWSU.


Team and Role

I collaborate with the development team and different stakeholders to improve the user experience of existing services through a better interaction design or ideate new ones that would address the unmet need of users.

Design proccess and tools

Artifacts and Screenshots

Figure: MWSU online education site - Infographic design

Figure: MWSU online education site - List view of courses with filtering

Figure: MWSU online education site - course description

Figure: MWSU online education site - homepage with action buttons

Figure: Dynamic search interface for locating installed software in different labs