Eyetracking study of KQ2 Channel


St Joseph Channel (KQ2) was interested in understainding the relative noticeability of different advertisement panels at their homepage. We evaluated which advertisement panels within the homepage were viewed the most. Eye-tracking equipment (ASL Eyetracker) was used to measure where and how long each participant viewed different areas of interest, we refer to as “lookzones”. The lookzones were divided into two groups, content and advertisement (ad) zones. The content zones have information relevant to the website; whereas the ad zones contain advertisements from other organizations. We found that the ad zone labelled as R12A, which is a tall ad-panel located at the right side of the webpage, was viewed the most in comparison to other ad zones.

My role

I setup the experiment in eyetracker, ran 7 participants, analyzed the data, wrote the report and provided content for the presentation.

Team members



Eyetracking of St Joseph channel (KQ2) website
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